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Experience the Leading All-In-One Chiropractic EHR Solution

ChiroTouch is your complete practice management software designed specifically for chiropractors.

Create SOAP notes in seconds with touch-screen macros

Automate redundant tasks while minimizing rejected claims

Practice when and where you want with true iPad integration

Avoid audits with HIPAA-compliant, ONC-certified software

The chiropractic profession’s #1 EHR for the last decade

ONC-certified and HIPAA compliant. Save time, avoid audits, and get paid faster.

Hear How ChiroTouch Reduces 90% of the Workload for Dr. Yates and His Staff.

Why Should You Choose ChiroTouch?


Chiropractic Specific

Developed specifically for today's fast-paced chiropractic office. Native iPad apps, rapid documentation, built-in compliance, and efficient billing are just a few of the features that align with the needs of chiropractors.


The Right Solution for Any Need

Practices of all types and sizes will find that ChiroTouch has efficiencies to rev up their revenue. We have unique features, platforms, and pricing that caters to your practice needs.


Fully Integrated

ChiroTouch is a complete practice management solution integrating documentation, scheduling, billing, patient communication, and much more. Enter data once and save time!

"I needed a mobile solution for my practice that would free my staff from data duplication, help me get my notes done quickly, and allow me to see more patients. And I chose ChiroTouch."

~ Dr. James Heather

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