Easily manage your claims while getting paid faster.

Achieve up to 98.06% acceptance rate
with our integrated clearinghouse.

Did you know reworking a claim costs $25 on average?

With CTProClear integrated clearinghouse, you get paid the first time, and will feel a difference in your cash flow. Our integration allows practices to send claims electronically to payers and post payments more efficiently.

With direct connections to thousands of payers, CTProClear’s electronic, paper and secondary claims solutions help simplify submission and remittance processes.

CTProClear creates a seamless exchange of claims, remits and eligibility information

  • Improve your denials management process
  • Revamp billing with patient statements
  • Get paid faster with claims management
  • Manage patient payments seamlessly with eligibility and patient payment estimation

By the Numbers

  • With denials, 90% are preventable and 60% are recoverable
  • Save up to one hour of work time and $20 every 100 statements
  • Each manual transaction takes 8.5 more minutes than electronic transactions
  • Patient payments represent more than 23% of a provider office’s total revenue


  • Track claims in one place with our tools and detailed reporting
  • Reduce denials & expedite payments
  • Get dedicated Payer EDI enrollment support
  • Easily achieve up to a 98.06% payer acceptance rate
  • Simplify workers comp, auto and PI submissions
  • Break free from faxing and certified mail