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10 Wrong Turns to Avoid When Growing Your Practice!

Thursday, January 28th

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Pacific

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Dr. Nathan Unruh
(About the Presenter)


All webinar attendees will receive a free download of Dr. Unruh’s book “Strike It!”.



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The journey of growing a practice does not need to be as hard as many of us make it.  In this SIDECAR discussion you will learn 10 bad decisions to avoid in order to see more new patients, retain the ones you have and create the affluence that you desire.  Dr. Unruh has been in practice for over 17 years and has made several avoidable mistakes.  Join this webinar to learn from his experience so that you can focus on your office growth!

The webinar will focus on three key themes:

-    Getting the right people on the bus
-    Getting more done and making more money
-    Making work fun again


Presenter Bio



Dr. Nathan Unruh has been in active practice since 1999 and is the owner of five chiropractic offices that operate under the Envive Chiropractic brand. He is the author or "Envive Your Life" which teaches the seven pillars of wellness and "Strike It!" which offers instruction and insight for reaching your fullest human potential.  Dr. Unruh has co-founded SIDECAR to liberate himself from the day to day hassles of running a thriving practice.

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