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Why Digital X-ray Technology has become a Game-changer for Chiropractic. What Every DC Needs to Know Now

Guest: Dr. Steve Kraus

Recorded: Thursday, June 2, 2016

Length: 1 hour

Webinar Details

Think digital x-ray is just for the elite, the busy offices, the tech offices?  Think it’s too expensive for you??  Think again!  Join us to find out how you can turn digital x-ray into a referral machine!  Did you know it can also help you increase care plan compliance, reduce overhead and generate more revenue?

Watch this webinar to find out:

* How digital x-rays easily increase referrals to your office

* HIPAA requirements and state board rules on x-ray storage.  Are you compliant?

* How long digital x-ray systems last before replacement is needed

* How important it is for your EHR to integrate with your x-ray system.  Is it important at all?

* If Medicare requires digital x-rays

Find out what no one ever told you about having digital x-ray in your office.

Presenter Bio

Steven J Kraus, DC, FIACN, DIBCN, FICC, FASA, CCSP will provide a clinical perspective and a practice management slant on the digital x-ray field and how it can impact a chiropractic practice. His 28 years of experience and background as a CEO of an electronic health record company, Past Board Chair of the Iowa Board of Chiropractic, and owner of over 18 clinics including interdisciplinary settings, along with buying and selling over 400 clinics nationwide, will give you a unique perspective in assessing the benefits and challenges of digital x-ray.