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Building a Chiropractic Superstar from the Ground Up

Guest: Dr. Brett Axelrod & Dr. Rick Markson

Recorded: Tuesday, July 19th

Length: 1 Hr

Webinar Details

All of the chiropractic superstars in history have certain traits in common.  If you want to be one of them, you’ll need to develop these characteristics for yourself.  Brett and Rick will provide the recipe for you. 

Watch this unique webinar where we discussed: 

     Feet – Being grounded in philosophy

     Legs – Having the strength to climb toward goals

     Core – Using systems and procedures to increase efficiency

     Shoulders – How to lift up and inspire your team

     Arms & Hands – Mastering techniques and technologies

     Mouth – How to become a Communication Extraordinaire

     Brain – Understanding the mind of a champion

Presenter Bios

 Dr. Brett Axelrod and Dr. Rick Markson are the Co-Founders of ChiroDestiny, one of the premier chiropractic coaching firms in the country.  Both Brett and Rick are still in practice and have over twenty years of chiropractic coaching experience between them.  Their Chiropractic Success Formula, including Face – 2 – Face Coaching, Live Seminars, and an E-Learning University, helps their members break their all-time records in practice, have amazing relationships, and create significant wealth. Brett and Rick have broken down their curriculum to the four pillars, Headspace, Philosophy, Systems, and Marketing.  Once you master these four, you have the life and the practice of your dreams.