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Insurance Disruption 2017: What It Is and What to Do About It.

Tuesday, August 2nd

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Pacific

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In 2017 there is a MAJOR disruption coming to Obamacare that every American DC should be aware of.  With the political circus going on and tragic world events growing ever more frequent, it is time for DCs to pause and ask – “What does this all mean to me and what should I be thinking and doing?”  Dr. Patrick Gentempo is certainly one of the best chiropractic prognosticators and leaders alive.  He has a very clear position on what is happening and what chiropractors should be doing to create independent freedom in a thriving practice.  Don’t miss this webinar!  The information is too good and too important! 

Presenter Bio

Dr. Patrick Gentempo is one of the best known and most respected chiropractors in the world today.  He currently serves as CEO of Action Potential Holdings, Inc.  He has co-developed patented technology that thousands of DCs throughout the world utilize.  He has led some of the most popular chiropractic training programs in the world and has served in high-level leadership positions for over 20 years.  His leadership and vision keep him on the biggest chiropractic platforms globally.

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