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How to Add Value to Your Practice by Integrating the Whole Food Nutrition Philosophy

Guest: Dr. Bill Hemmer

Recorded: Thursday, July 28th

Length: 1 HR 15 M

Webinar Details

In today’s turbulent health care environment, positioning yourself as the holistic health care voice in your community can draw to your practice the motivated patients you are seeking. Employing a whole food nutrition philosophy that embraces synergistic whole food ingredients is a key part of this positioning.

Learn how you can use patient education tools, structured treatment schedules, and objective measurements to provide your new patients with impressive results that will encourage patients to stay, pay, and refer others just like them.

This webinar was particularly helpful for health care professionals who want to further integrate the Standard Process and MediHerb supplement lines within their practices. Dr. Hemmer explained how he takes a focused look at wellness from four points of view: digestion, blood sugar metabolism, energy systems, and detoxification. He then discussed key products upon which he bases his own patient protocols.

Presenter Bio

Dr. Bill Hemmer owns and operates a successful chiropractic and functional medicine practice in Tuscola, Illinois.  He has been in active chiropractic practice for 28 years and has spoken for Standard Process for over 6 years.  He is passionate about inspiring self-motivation through education for patients and doctors alike. Dr. Hemmer is also a co-founder of the Functional Wellness Systems, a comprehensive ascension business system rooted in providing  specific guidance on how to effectively integrate functional medicine into any existing health care practice.