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The Abundance Formula: Linking Success to Patient Outcomes

Tuesday, August 23rd

10:00 AM Pacific Time

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Dr. David Fletcher

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Webinar Details

Join us as we host Dr. David Fletcher to discuss mastering the art of being certain in practice.  As doctors, the greatest marketing assets we have are our patient outcomes. That’s why the Abundance Formula leverages chiropractic clinical results using today’s exam and reporting technologies.  Being able to show patients where they are in their health and wellness path is the future of our profession. Dr. Fletcher will share his solutions for growing an abundant practice using the tech tools that deliver clinical certainty and powerful patient experiences. 

Presenter Bio

Dr. David Fletcher is the Chief Clinical Officer of CLA and developer of the INSiGHT COREscore reporting platform.  As a Fellow in the Chiropractic Sport Sciences, he loves teaching and telling the story of chiropractic as it relates to performance and human potential. Having created successful practices and now leading the largest chiropractic diagnostic instrumentation company, Dr. Fletcher is regarded as a thought leader and technology innovator within the profession. His Abundance Formula is a powerful combination of clinical excellence, passionate communication and innovative business solutions.  

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