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Data: Enemies, Allies and Trends

Guest: Robert Moberg

Recorded: Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Length: 1 hour

Webinar Details

Critical patient data is captured by EHRs every day. But have you ever thought about how it is being used? Data collection is critically important because it proves why Chiropractic care creates a healthier path for patients. We know what you’re thinking – “Data?! That has nothing to do with me!” But it has everything to do with you, your patients, policy makers, and the future state of our profession and its impact on healthcare. Even if you aren’t interested in data… it doesn’t mean data isn’t interested in you! 

It’s time to make data your greatest ally and understand the trends that data reveals.

Watch this webinar to: 

- Find out what types of data are being collected and how it is used to improve patient outcomes 

- Learn why you should care about data being collected during patient visits 

- Predict the health of your business by understanding KPI data and trends

- Discover how the data you collect in your office contributes to the ability to prove the power of Chiropractic care

Presenter Bio

Robert Moberg has been the President and CEO of ChiroTouch since June 2008. He is a tenured business professional with a combination of corporate and entrepreneur business experience. Through his leadership, Robert has helped ChiroTouch become a trailblazer in the software and Chiropractic industries. He shows his commitment to Chiropractic through innovation, supporting state associations, and raising awareness of the benefits of Chiropractic care. Robert provides expertise in the areas of practice management software, regulatory compliance, "big data," and Chiropractic technology.