Medical billing solution – our expertise at your service.

CTProBill works right out of the ChiroTouch ledger for effective and transparent billing, all under a secure and HIPAA compliant connection.

CTProBill has a team of revenue cycle experts that work assertively for your practice, so you get paid what you have earned.

CTProBill helps maximize practice revenue by ensuring clean claims submissions and timely payer adjudication, appropriate ledger reconciliation and timely posting of insurance remits, and robust follow-up on claim rejections and denials.

Customer Benefits

  • See an average 15-30% revenue increase within the first 90 days
  • Improve patient retention and satisfaction by collaborating with offices to implement a best practice approach to ensure financial viability
  • Increase financial performance with subject matter experts applying best-in practice directives
  • Inform staff on periodic updates of payor reimbursement changes and regulations that impact your practice
  • Increase collections, lower administration costs and save time on training and set up
  • Easily reconcile past due, reconciled and collected A/R and eliminate insurance follow-up
  • Eliminate practice performance interruptions involving internal billing staff turnover, vacation, and sick time off


  • Compliant billing practices
  • Timely follow-up and communication of payor denials
  • Robust claims review for clean claims submissions and faster payor reimbursement
  • Timely and accurate posting of insurance payments with line ledger reconciliation
  • Clearinghouse experts managing payor clearinghouse rejections
  • Regular scheduled meetings and analytics review of financial performance/trending
  • Client education as it relates to payor contracts and billing requirements
  • Dedicated customer service staff for patient billing questions

In-House versus Outsourced Billing

In-House Billing

Outsourced Billing

See what our current clients are
saying about CTProBill

“Your service has not only proven to exceed our expectations and alleviate the stress of billing but has shown a higher collection rate than we had in our office.”

Dr. Sam K. / Simply Chiropractic Verona

“I have been very impressed with the work of CTProBill as a whole. If a large part of your practice is insurance, then you need a team working your accounts. The days of in office billing are gone, it’s too much to keep up with.”

David W. / Slaughter Lane Chiropractic

“Using CTProBill for billing has meant that we no longer worry about getting insurance and Medicare billing done promptly and correctly. They do it.”

Phil P. / Gonstead Spine & Wellness